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MORPH was born out of the necessity to see more regular events on the coast, we started two years ago and since then we’ve seen the impact that our productions generated for all the creatives on the coast and that is wonderful fuel for us to keep on generating creative events.


Exciting news! We’ve join forces with @jetblackcatmusic again, this time to bring you @surprisechef to Noosa.

Hailing from just outside Melbourne, their first two albums, All News Is Good News and Daylight Savings (released in 2020) precipitated a cult-like fervour around the band. They were championed by DJs and tastemakers who spread Surprise Chef’s music from their home studio to audiences in every corner of the globe. The band were considered such a revelation amongst aficionados of funk and soul that in 2022 they were signed to Big Crown Records, a Brooklyn-based label who are considered to be on the cutting edge of the genre.


At Sun City Gallery






Artists Battle Vol. 2  was an incredible night where we , and the winner of the showdown! We hosted 9 talented artists and our wonderful local community at Sun City in Noosaville. After 2.5 hours of creation and participant voting for their favourite work, the winner emerged – Angi Dlapiu of @artdosis

This one was a ‘rancho relaxo’ one, chilled and different. WE enjoyed theatre, live music and intimacy.
Special thank Special thank you to Stupid  Krap , Aaron Craig and Alison Mooney for joining us on an open conversation with SHLTR tv.
Karaka music and Sebastian Ramirez made us dance and have fun that was awesome!

‘MORPH Artists battle’ exceeded our expectations. It was deeply interesting and nourishing to see these 9 artists paint. 
The difference between techniques and the level of professionalism of all these creatives made of this event such a unique experience to be part of. NEXT LEVEL!

Stupid Krap is an online gallery that releases original and limited edition artworks, prints and all types of artist's design products, by some of the world's most exciting and collectable contemporary artists.
40 artists from around the globe will send their work to exhibit here in Noosa with us.

STØNEWÅX shared his knowledge about the online presence or arts in the present and future. Believe us, he knows …
As an artist who is already profiting from the web3 he wants you to not be ‘the grandpa/ma of your generation’. Don't miss the SHTLR tv live interview  this is seriously really interesting for all artists around.

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary with a spectacular party, marking two years of organizing events and publishing our magazine. The venue buzzed with excitement as attendees embraced the journey we've had so far. What a night it was, setting the stage for more exciting years to come!


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