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The Shelter s.c is a creative platform that features

an online and printed Magazine.

We highlight the creative scene of the Sunshine Coast.

This project is entirely made by local businesses for

culture seekers.

This is a space where artists can express themselves, and different worlds interact, where arts connect and experimentation is welcome and celebrated.

We put all our attention on small businesses and the creative local community and share its greatness cheering contemporary local talent.


We invite you to follow us on our social media platforms and learn with us how to connect all the amazing creative dots of the Sunshine Coast.

We are here to be part of the current cultural conversation.

We invite you to be part of this fresh and exciting beginning.

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I am Mica

"People inspire me, how they speak, what they think, how they move, their truths, what they hide. I owe my creativity to every person I know, ideas come with them.

I am a small part of something big and I understand that ideas are collective, but most of the time that thought limits me, it creates a  feeling that takes me deep inside to find what my imagination is showing me.

I enjoy meeting and connecting with all kind of people,

if I can take a picture and represent them with an image, I feel that I can touch the sky, for me that is a prize,

I feel honored.

My existentialism seems to grow with me, so I decided to carry it with pride and put a smile on my face, keep my mind and body occupied with more superficial concerns and take as many good photos as I can while I'm alive.

It's hard for me to stay still and sometimes, to concentrate it seems impossible, but I like working hard with myself, time is making me a better human being and photographer.

Once I heard that "fear is a powerful thing and because

it has many firepowers, we should make fear a tailwind and not a headwind", I liked that thought, so I turned it into my mantra.

I am never completely satisfied and I hope I'll never be."

Mica Schettini 

Editor and Creative Director.

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